September 2019

President of Trust of Vermont dies. Decision to keep Chapel1871 is made and begin roof repairs.

Reports of Meetings and Events. (Website: Clarendon Heritage)

September 2018

Decision is made to donate Chapel 1871 to Preservation Trust of Vermont.

September 2017

North Clarendon Chapel is donated by Friends of the North Clarendon Chapel. A Vermont Historic Grant is filed.

September 2016

Clarendon Historical Society founded with Bob UnderHill, Peter Savage, Becky and Phil Mandolare and Nicolette Asselin.

Nicolette Asselin is involved in researching Clarendon Heritage. Society is interested in researching initial settlers and collecting gifts for an eventual museum. Issues of historical buildings are presented by residents in town. Society is not interested  in preservation.

Four buildings under discussion:

  1. Chippenhook School House.
  2. North Clarendon Chapel
  3. Clarendon Springs Hotel
  4. An unused residence and old home on Middle Road.

January 2017.

Decision is made to pursue the preservation route with, separate from Historical Society of Clarendon Vermont

Joined by Maurice Asselin, Nicolette Asselin, Peter Coppola, Charlie Harcourt and Kim Dole as Treasurer. Register Corpwell Foundation in Vermont.

Create a website and mission for the Clarendon Projects.

Contacted owner of Hotel to understand goals and situation.  T. C. shares his desperation in selling the place, retired in Florida, a grandson on the way.

February 2017

Meeting with Nicolette Asselin, Tony and Bonnie Constantino. T.C. gives background as to how he purchased property in the 80’s. Antique dealer, started with second hand wood stoves, eventually this led to his purchasing the hotel property and later other properties around.  Complaining that no one is helping, but there is an application for a Village Center with Planning Board.

Subsequent exchanges:

T. C. Makes a donation offer.  Not-for-profit status would help with tax concerns.

Several consultations with Dageen Canney, local real estate advisor. She is enthusiastic about the idea of doing something for this property.

Created a vision, Oasis Institute. Education center for young cancer survivors. Considering donors.

March 2017. CorpWell Foundation Registration, for a temporary holding of property for donation. Apply and obtain 501 (3) (c)

April 2017.  Multiple telephone meeting with Dageen Canney. Peter Coppola is involved in a visit with D. Canney and Constantino’s son.

May 2017.  Recess (Nicolette Asselin is uut for hip Surgery)

June 2017 Meeting with Charlie, Peter, Moe, Beth, Tony Constantino.

Visited the property and adjoining store. Large home was not available to visit as a caretaker lives there.

Tony now offers the property for $600’000. Ask why he changed. (Discussion had involved retaining income of store in transition).

Many problems stories resurface during visit. Neighboring land etc… Legal aspect appears overwhelming.

July. 2017.  Team attends workshop offered by Preservation Trust of Vermont (PTV).

Meeting with President PTV Paul Bruhn. Confirm that T.C. is not trust worthy.

Decision is made that if offer to donate was ever firm, Preservation would be taking the donation until transferred (akin Marble Museum.)

It becomes more apparent that T.C. purchased building to strip content and sell. National designation only protects outside.

August 2017.

Clarendon Heritage:

Meetings with Charlie Harcourt. Field Classroom creation with Charlie Hartcourt.  One of the goal is provide history workshops for area.

Looking at North Clarendon Chapel. Apply for a (RSF) Robert Sincerbeaux Fund Grant to do an assessment. Lisa Ryan, Field Representative is instrumental in finding

the details of what is needed.

September. 2017

Receive RSF grant for North Clarendon Chapel and schedule an assessment with architect Tom Keefe. Assessment for building external reconditioning is $40,000.

November 2017

Work on fundraising during the winter.

December 2017

Work on fundraising during the winter.

January – April 2018

Work on fundraising during the winter.

July 2018

Town wide sale event, organize tour of NCC (North Clarendon Chapel).  Have a survey for preferred uses of Chapel. Overall feedback leads to a multiuser of the property.

August 2018

Apply for National Registry Eligibly through Devin Colman, State Architectural Historian for the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.

September 2018

National Eligibility is confirmed. Grant writer, Nicolette Asselin works on the State Historical Grant. Caitlin Corkins.

Corporate Sponsors have come forth since letter. Lavalley, Home Depot, Vermont Country Store, Kitchen Encounter, Spencer Engineering, and JTT Properties and Services.

November 2018

2017 Tax return had an erroneous list included. An amended return was filed.