Oasis Institute



  • The Oasis Institute will be offering a one year reintegration program for young cancer survivors in a supportive and conducive environment.

What will be accomplished?

  • This program will offer selected candidates a year to regroup after remission to obtain new qualifications and adapt to their new life.

What will be provided?

  • Workshops and on-site education to obtain new qualifications and work adapted to own physical abilities.
  • A strong emphasis will be given to digital technology to enhance the ability to accept work assignments to paliat e any physical restrictions.
  • Room and board and instruction to cook, eat well
  • Psychological and spiritual support and growth.


  • Basic Program: $1000/month
  • Advance Program: $1500/month (For special needs)
  • With access to technical center:  $3000
  • Room and Board: $1200/month

What will be obtained?

  • A certificate of completion and University credentials or craft certificate.

What are the Oasis Institute Affiliations?

  • The Oasis Institute will be collaborating with Universities to assist candidates in residence to obtain additional qualifications (I.e. masters or other certificates.)
  • Middlebury College
  • Instructors and faculty for workshops will hold University qualifications in the field their teach such as Master and/or PHD.
  • A list of semester’s workshop will be available upon signing up. Goals are to individualize progress and adapt to each candidate’s prior skills, work experience and education. Each workshop will last from 1-4 week each.