Communication and Literacy

In a time where anger and violence are such daily occurrence, we recognize the crucial values of self-expression. We believe that communication and literacy are important elements to realization and happiness in society. In the 18th century, libraries became public. It is only in the 19th century that libraries became free. Today, the source of information is a wide universe.

In a similar manner, being able to publish one’s idea used to be restricted to those who had exceptional potential for a publisher’s financial success. Today, the digital age and rises of smaller publishers have sprung a new wave of books. However, authors appeared to be short-changed in the distribution of their accomplishments causing a serious gap in communication between booksellers, libraries and local

In a pilot project: Vermont Press, VT published authors can submit their work. Vermont Press’ staff will assist them. If this pilot project works, we hope to broaden our efforts to include all States in partnership with Edelweiss and similar efforts such as Library Reads.

We strive to have local authors acquire a readership by facilitating their book distribution to regional booksellers and libraries.



Public Libraries